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Well, I’m back from hibernation and it’s time for some smooth jams for the sunny days of spring!

Today’s track of the day comes from an up and coming British production duo by the name of “Snakehips”. 

Their latest single, “On & On”, certainly has a 90’s R&B influence with a modern instrumental hip-hop (Flying Lotus) feel, and a Jessie Ware style vocal. 

I can see the potential in this duo and I’m looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.

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Seth Pettersen & The Undertow

Last night the amazing “Kings of Convenience” performed at the Music Box in Hollywood. Incredible performance and well worth the six year wait. Their opening act was a local band called “Seth Pettersen & The Undertow” which included guitar/bass/drums/…pedal steel guitar? o.O. That immediately caught my interested and they were a fantastic opening act! I would describe their sound as “Vampire Weekend x The Beach Boys”. Check out a track from their newest EP titled “Skate Away” available on Band Camp. 

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“Hard to Explain” - Owen Pallet

Stereogum returns with another in their series of tribute albums with Stroked, a tribute to Is This It. Owen Pallet brings his experimental acoustic work to “Hard to Explain”. Download the rest of the album over at Stereogum. Real Estate, Wise Blood, The Morning Benders, and more take their turns at tribute.

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M83 - Midnight City

Anthony Gonzales of M83 has announced the details regarding the follow up to 2008’s perfectly 80’s inspired album "Saturdays = Youth". Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming will be released as a DOUBLE album on October 18th via Mute records. Gonzales stated The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1995 album Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as an inspiration for this “very epic and very orchestrated” new album. 

Streaming above is the first track released from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming titled “Midnight City”. It has all the standard M83 elements that make them wonderful (atmospheric synth, distant vocals, crisp production), but with something extra…the sexy sax solo. I cannot wait for the new record and October 18th couldn’t come any sooner. 

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Rilo Kiley has officially broken up. Singer/Guitarist Blake Sennett confirmed in an artice from Spinner Magazine by saying:

"I just felt like there was a lot of deception, disloyalty, greed and things I don’t really want to submit myself to. I had related that frustration to music but I just thought, ‘I’m not going to put myself in that position again,’ so I said, ‘Fuck that, I can’t do this anymore…I was mad at music— and it wasn’t music’s fault. It was our fault as bandmembers, or partners, or friends."

This news hit hard for me because this band, along with The Cure and The Smiths, shaped my adolescence.  During the years of 2002 - 2007 I was at every show, singing every word and feeling like I have found a modern band I could really relate to. Not just because they wrote a catchy song about the town I live in (Glendora). Rilo Kiley was also the initiation into my group of friends when I transferred to a new high school. On my first day they asked what music I listen to and I named “Rilo Kiley” and they flipped out over the fact that I have even heard of them. Even though it’s been years since high school these songs still remind me of good times and I’ll cherish those memories.

I leave you with my favorite of theirs titled “Pictures of Success” from their first full length Take Offs and Landings which can be purchased here

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Kings of Convenience - Mrs. Cold

When I think of summer I picture myself on a beach with some fruity drink listening to relaxing music. This is the song I picture in my head on a sunny day laying in the sand. Released in 2009, Declaration of Dependence is Kings of Convenience’s fourth album of pure bliss. The pair’s voices are still comforting, delightful, and inviting.

"Mrs. Cold" is the lead single from the record which is available to stream above and you can purchase Declaration of Dependence here.

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Pogo - Bloom

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all of Pogo’s work. His latest offering titled “Bloom” is created using sound clips from multiple films such as Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella. “Bloom” is easilly one of his most well constructed and emotional peices and it certainly does not dissapoint. I highly reccomend purchasing the high quality mp3 which is available here

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Inc. - Swear

Last August at the Hercules & Love Affair show at The Echoplex this completely out of place band then known as “Teen Inc.” came on stage. Their smooth, almost yacht rock sound was refreshing to hear. Now known as “Inc.”, they are in the process of releasing a new EP, entitled ‘3’, which will be released as a 12” and digitally on July 25th. They are currently working on their new album, which will see the light of day next year.

The groovy lead track is titled “Swear” and it’s available as a free download. 

(via: SoundCloud / The FADER)

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Forbidden Disco “The Blog” will be my way of sharing new music and news to all you wonderful people. I hope you enjoy the tunes and find some new stuff to listen to!

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